Inland Trucking

Transportation of goods is one of the important contributing factor in bringing products to consumers. An appropriate distribution processes will decide not to small to product cost and profit of the manufacturer.

As a service in supply chain logistics, transport activities of Nam Phu Thinh Co., Ltd. Many years has confirmed its reputation on the domestic road transport market South-Central-North and we are constantly improving high quality service to better meet customer needs.

In Inland Transport Services, we provide the following services:

Transport Services "Door to Door"

You just sit in the office, pick up the phone and call, the rest of us.

Row Transplant Services

With a small fleet of trucks flexibility in both Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, we will pick up and delivery.

Raw Trip Services

Container truck, car roof canvas hood with dedicated truck motorcycle ... we undertake the whole trip transportation services with competitive prices and the best quality service.

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